To download click on the image of the set or the object chooses. Good game!

Demestum dining room click image to download

Demestum dining room in 4 shades.for table and furniture
for objects. Chairs and decos, 8 or 6 shades.
reflective table. modern chair. vases decor. rugs. wall paintings. furniture.
wall shelves with decos.
bright and colorful modern
Happy simming!


Twinston Diningroom click image to download

Twinston dining room sims 4.
in 4 wood shades.
Modern dining room, and of course with, a warm, and bright ambiance.
Furniture with very clean lines.
Happy simming!


Korean barbecue, Dining room click image to download

Korean barbecue, dining room.Sims 4.
In 4 shades wood.
Table and bench. Deco foods for the table. Ceiling light.
Tapestry x3. Zone misc deco in game. plant. Separator.
A Zen atmosphere.
Very greedy. With a certain modernity.
Happy simming


Gourmania Dining room click image to download

I thought we needed a suitable environment, to celebrate the birthdays of our little children sims.
Here is gourmania dining room. Sims 4.
Table, Chairs. And all the necessary decorative for a gourmet atmosphere.
Lollipops. Toffee apples. Sugar of barley. cake. Cupcakes.Sweets.
Creates the perfect corner, for a special occasion, or all just to have fun.
Happy simming!


New Muzultan dining room click image to download

Here The dining room Muzultan.
a small modern set for your sims 4.
Give style, art deco to your interiors. With this table, 4 shades, and metal. chair art deco 4 color fabrics, thick. Fireplace modern deco painting above, in 4 colors. And metal ball. Art deco paintings. 4 styles. And a modern glass art deco separateur
created your modern dining area.
Happy simming!


New RIVLETT salle à manger clique image pour télécharger

Here's to your sims 4 new dining Rivlett
Modern and colorful you will find this new set.

To create this table I amended all original slots in order to obtain a high table, when the stool I also modified the slots so you can use it with the table.

As you probably notice, there is no high table in the game, the stool is used with bars, either the countertops, and it is not possible to place a classic stool at a table and eat there. So you can only y dinner with these stools designed specially for the ci. and use the same stools only to this table.

High table. stool to accompany your table for your dinners. deco set, set table. 1 plant.
1 metal.1 chandelier lamp metal. 1 Wall lamp.
Choose your color, choose your style!
Good game!


New dining pastel Flavor click image to download

Hello friends.

Here for your sims4 my flavor pastel dining. A chic doll style with a modern touch.
you will find in this set of pastel wood and modern tones but also one doll side by the colors, the set of tea and other items.
Cree your romantic corner and or prepare your romantic dinner in the new dining room.
Of course I played with my set in game sims 4 last updated
Happy simming and leave your messages. Good game!


New dining room Max reiston Inspiration click image for download

Hello friends. Here's to your sims 4 my new room dining inspiration Max reiston.
Modern and comfortable seating for your interiors.
In this set table, chairs, fireplace, modern console in 4 different colors. Find also in this set the carpet with the same shades to be matches to furniture.
Also in this set bottles decos, fruit decos, Bowl apples grannys. 1 set of table decorative in 4 shades.
a set of 10 new objects.