To download click on the image of the set or the object chooses. Good game!

Neddy bedroom click image to download

Neddy bedroom sims 4.
a new modern and warm bedroom.
Colors to bring a fun touch,
11 new objects.
Happy simming!


Wezium Bedroom click image to download

Wezium bedroom . in 4 shades
bed. living chair. fireplace. table. blanket divers. 
cushions divers.plant.wall paintings.
a cozy corner, comfortable and very soft.
Happy simming!


White Bedroom click image to download

White bedroom sims 4.
pure, white, confortable.
cushions, big blankets. and all the necessary for a warm area.
Happy simming!


Divecci adult bedroom click image to download

Divecci adult bedroom.
modern, comfortable, for this bedroom in 4 shades.
The bedding is in 8 colors.
Bed, cushions, blanket, bed table, round desk, office chair, shelf deco.
pen deco.led light, for the wall.books déco.rugs.
always with the best comfort for the set construction.
Happy simming!


Selty adult bedroom click image to download

SELTY adult bedroom sims 4.
from selty collection.
double bed. headboard bed misc deco stairs.fireplace. paintings. misc mix vases.misc mix deco basket.big plante.
A new relaxation area.the sims touches the edge of the bed. Since, the bed is larger than a normal bed of the game.
happy simming!


Retching bedroom click image to download

Retching adult bedroom sims 4.
Of modernity. Comfort, very clean lines.
15 new items, for your interiors.
The set, is created in 4 colors. And 4 colors for deco, cushions,
and various objects.
Happy simming!


Rafina Bedroom click image to download

Rafina bedroom sims 4.
Bed. cushions. blanket. vanity table mirror. paintings.
shelf with deco. misc deco table. seat.
Modern corner.
Happy simming!


Alcado Bedroom click image to download

Bedroom, 4 shades.
Modern, and comfortable.
Double bed, with, bed table, integrated. Cushion decos, for the bed. Seat. small table. 
Cushion for the seat. Round carpet. Dresser. paintings. Plant. And a decorative blanket, for the bed.
Happy simming!


Apadum Bedroom click image to download

Apadum, adult bedroom sims 4.
Modern, warm. And comfortable.
For this adult bedroom.
in 4 shades.
bed. Bedding. fireplace metal. rugs. wall paintings. dressing. light for dressing.
Happy simming.


Modern basish adult bedroom click image to download

And here is in my Modern basish collection.
The adult bedroom
Bed with integrated table. Cushions for bed. Table. Metal ceiling lamp. 2 dresser. A chimney. 1 trunk deco, which I use, like a table. 8 wall paintings.
A modern corner, with simple lines.And elegant
Happy simming!


BedroomTaxaium. click image to download

Taxaium BedRoom. Sims 4.
Bright and comfortable. For this modern and gentle room at the same time.
Bed with headboard and integrated table. 2 ceiling lamps. 1 loveseat. 4 tables. Cushions, for the bed. 1Plante, metal pot. 1 large dresser. 1 puff. 1 various decoration, perfumes.
The set is made in 4 colors.
I used it in sims game 4. Last update.
Happy simming!


Royal Vanity Bedroom click image to download

Here is Royal vanity. Bedroom, sims 4.
This time.
Golden. Glamorous. Rococo.
But not too much...
Romantic aspect. Frame. bed . Bed part 2. cushions for the bed. End table. Table vanity, with mirror. 2 armchair. 1 dresser. Mirror for the wall. Paintings, deco for the floor. In the category, various decoration.
Create your glamorous corner.
Happy simming!


Xenio bedroom click image to download

Xenio Bedroom sims 4.
Modern, in 4 shades, for this set which will give a different style according to its color.
double bed. Dresser. cushions. sofa. Loveseat. Structure part 2, for the bed.
Modern fireplace, in 4 colors. Strong white. Soft white . Dark and light, dark only.
The pipe of the chimney, is very long. For surmounted roofs sims 4.
Happy simming.


New Madaez bedroom click image to download

Here Madaez bedroom sims 4.
I made this set exclusively for the release of Simplistic Magazine -
 Issue 10, (their fall 2016 coverage),
 & to celebrate their newly revised monthly releases."
And a huge thank you to ArtsyAmy 
for her precious help and her wonderful & amazing work on this project."
He's a sensational person. thank you Amy
happy simming!


New Anna Vita Bedroom click image to download

Here is the bedroom, Anna Vita. Sims 4.
Very warm, and also very comfortable. In 4 shades.
Bed structure, with curtains. Curtain deco, for the roof of the bed. cushions. blanket. 
Loveseats, with deco cover. Dresser. Bed table. Coffee table. Puff.
I used some elements, from my other sets Sims 4
Anna vita,
Essential, for a cozy interieur.
Happy simming!


New Angelica bedroom click image to download

Here is Angelica bedroom. Sims 4.
Warm, and cozy.
With an ambience, coconing. bed. blanket. Cover bed, fake fur. cushions.
table. Loveseat. Dresser. paintings.
In 4 shades.
Creates your relaxing atmosphere.
Happy Simming!  Zone, adult bedroom


New Denington bedroom click image to download

Very modern with a fashion style.
  Who will be fine in an apartment at the last floor.
bed, deco cover. modern chair. modern fireplace. carpet. Paintings. fashion wardrobe.
I used some deco object, Sims 4 city living.
creates your new room, modern lines.
Happy simming!


New Additive Bedroom click image to download

Here additive Room Sims 4.
A round bed, Of Course he uses it as a normal bed. But I wanted to respect the original line, the round bed, which, I was inspired.
In 4 colors. blue LED. Or purple LED. set in 14 packages.
1 round bed, led. A ceiling deco, led. A console, 2 Parties.1 part in various surface. The second part, light. In the category, various Decoartion. cushions for bed 1 Fireplace, led.
store, 2 tiles led. Store, 1 tile, Led.
Create your modern area, with furniture, led.
the design lines, and comfort, unparalleled.
Happy simming!


New Goundra Bedroom click image to download

For this weekend, return to the sweetness, with the bedroom Goundra.
A very soft corner, which will serve as bedroom adult, but also,  bedroom child, depending on your choice.
in this set. 14 new items.
bed. bed cover. chandelier. table lamp. carpet. chair. 2 dressers. end table. curtains. paintings. Cushions. book deco. cage birdy déco.
A set, full of sweetness for your sims.
Happy simming!


New Matza Bedroom click image to download

Today, modernity, but also pure and smooth lines, with Matza Bedroom.
Padded bed. cushions. seat. loveseat. draw SEVERAL colors. bed table
chanel mirror. 11 new chic items!
creates your atmosphere, by changing the color of the furniture.
Happy simming!
Of course,
I used my sims game set in 4.
  latest updates.

New Girly bedroom Click image to download

And to continue with girly set. Here the bedroom.
Girly bed with headboard. sofa cushions. Bed pillows. Blankets bed.
bed table A second, bed table with decor. coffee table. sofa. 10 new girly objects for your Sims.
I used my sims game set in 4.
Happy simming!


New Roy room click image to download

Dans ce set, de la douceur. Avec beaucoup de couleurs differentes, pour les objets decoratifs. Dans ce set. 1 lit avec tete de lit intégré. Coussins, Couverture, Rideaux, Puff, mais vous pouvez aussi l'utilisé, comme une table. 1 second puff, effet plissé. 1 dresser. 1 second dresser.
J'ai mis toute ma douceur dans ce set. J'espere que vous le ressentirez.
J'ai utilisez mon set, en jeu sims 4. Derniere mises à jour.
Happy simming!


New RADAIDEH room click image for telcharger

Relaxation, inspiration India.
Behold, Srinivas. round bed, bed-curtains. curtains for walls. curtains transparant for walls. Sofa with cushions, fireplace suspended. Sculpture... Animation of the bed, distort. Because it is a round bed.
Creates your space on the theme of the India.
Happy simming!



Quoi de mieu, qu'une nouvelle chambre moderne, pour nos sims 4.
Voici Melios. Lit moderne en 4 teintes, tete de lit coussiné ,avec boutons.
Coussins déco, pour le lit. Couverture déco, pour le lit, en trois couleurs,
meme couleur, que coussins. Coussins deco pour le sol, moyen et grand, trois teintes. Sofa,
2 cylindres moderne, vous pouvez poser une lampe , ou déco, sur le dessus. 2 paires de rideaux blancs,
blanc et noir, droite et gauche. Puis marron, ou beige, droite et gauche. Egalement,
2 tables de lit en 4 couleurs.
Happy simming!


New chambre fluxence clique image pour télécharger

Voici La chambre fluxence.
Moderne, confortable, et surtout 8 choix, pour le linge de lit.
Pour le lit, soit noir et métal, soit blanc et métal.
plante. Coussins pour le lit. Donc, linge de lit. Table de chevet, suspendu par des chaines au plafond. huits tableaux, Amaury DUBOIS.
confort assuré pour vos sims.
Happy simming!


New room Ramada click image to download

Voici aujourd 'hui , la chambre Rimada
Chambre modern.
un espace de détente et de bien être. Dans ce set.
1 lit double. 1 dresser large. 1 dresser plus petit. 1 tete de lit large. Coussins pour le lit. Loveseat avec coussins. puff avec coussin. Peinture effet lumiere. panier deco double ball. panier deco long et metal.
10 New objets pour vos sims 4.
Happy simming!
J' ai utilisé bruja, mirror floor.


New Insipration ZARA HOME bedroom click image to download

alors cette fois nous revenons avec un style moin moderne mais tout aussi travailler.
Voici la chambre Zara Home.
En premier un grand merci à ma chere guardgian qui à rechercher tous les objets zara home réel ,
pour que je puisse les crée pour sims 4.
couleur blanche ou noir de base pour cette chambre à agrémenter avec meubles divers et accessoires .
crée specialement pour ce set .

dans le set:
1lit double.
table de nuit.
coussins divers.
linge de maison divers.
objets déco
14 new objets ZARA HOME


New DILGANCE bedroom clique image to  download

Here's to your sims 4, the new Chamber DILGANCE. A modern ambience. A chic and stylish design.
in black or white
1 double bed.
1 dresser.
1 mirror for the wall. different colors.
1 x 4 painting MODE.
1 chandelier metal.
1 fireplace. Metal black or grey.
1 night table
and pillows for the bed in different colors.
Creates your modern ambience.
Good game!


New simple bloc bedroom clique image pour télécharger

Voici pour sims 4 la chambre simple bloc. comme sont nom l'indique ligne simple et epuré .
pour cree reelement votre style en y ajoutant votre deco.
lit.coussins. meuble. chemine j'ai utiliser le code move objects .
en 4 couleurs differentes pour ce set classique modern et épuré.
Bon jeu!


NEW inspiration jomel chagny gerard room click image to download

Hello friends. Here for sims 4 a new modern room. bed dresser. Loveseat.coussins mirror.
plant... 8 new objects. metal and black atmosphere. or brown beige. or white.
I use in my set a few of my previous collection objects to complete the decoration.
I also use the loveseat in a modern garden. I use the walls of my friend Guar dgian news.
Here is the link: Walls by GUARDGIAN
You can make your decor and good game at all!
Do not hesitate to leave a little message.
Good game!

New. Room Pureza minimalist. Click image to download

Here's a new room to your Sims 4. Modernity. comfort. are the key words of this set.
bed .tete bed. 1 table lit.1 table metal.1 modern fireplace that you can use as a coffee table.
Carpet colors.
Metal separator. 1 small biggest plante.1 plant.
Set up your mood and your style with furniture, either white, or very dark grey or color wood. the ornaments are metal bed headboard and table.
the fireplace and solid material and metal.
all objects have well secure summer test in the game Sims 4.
Do not hesitate to leave a little message, and good game at all!

New room Irene click image to download

Here's to your sims bedroom new sims 4. Several colors, and 14 new objects.
bed. dressing.peintures.table. cushions. separator 1 tile.
the bed mattress and different from the EA sims bed 4.
Also, find a headboard in this set. lights for the headboard. 1 wall beige and black type mat tile
To place certain objects, I used the code... bb.moveobjects
Thanks to my friend guardgian for stone walls
Good game to all!!
And do not hesitate to leave your messages that are always appreciated.

New Moonstruck room click image to download

Here is a new Chamber for your sims.The colors, the modernity and comfort mix.
a double bed in 3 colors. cover and pillows for the bed in 4 colors. 1 large wardrobe in 4 colors.
1 Chair hanging from a string. Black Pink cushion and cushion black metal orange.
1 grey cushion metal rose. 1 grey cushion metal orange. model Manish EA, but in most small and 6 new colors. 3 mnequin neck jewelry 3 style.
1 decorative trunk that can be used in table and arrange the top decoration. In 4 colors.
4 paint in warm tone on the theme, flowers and bamboo from the same collection.
As always I verified my objects in the game.
Good game at all, and don't hesitate to leave me comments.


lignes modernes et un design pur.
1 lit double 3 couleurs. Une table de nuit  3 colors.1 commode haute, commode 3 colors.1 commode normales trois couleurs.
Une lampe de table 3 couleurs. 1 tapis 6 couleurs. Une déco chaussures. 1 rideaux transparents 1 tuilesFIND une tuile dans un décor CATÉGORIE murale.
1  lit.  grey.brown et rose violet clair.tonalité
Retrouvez dans la catégorie TAPIS.
Un ensemble moderne pour vos sims ....



Chambre New envy SIMS 4

Les amies Voila pour les sims 4 sur
la chambre new envy. lit modern avec tete de lit intégré, en 3 couleurs. Blanc, noir et bois + les petites table de nuit assorties. petite lampe de table. 4 peintures large . 6 tapis rond. coussin decoratif pour le sol. mur bois et lignes. meubles deco avec vases 1 blanc et 1 noir.
Grader à l'esprit que nous somme encore en BETA TESTING sur l'atelier TSR .
MAIS QUE TOUS LES OBJETS ONT ETE VERIFIE ET FONCTIONNE CORRECTEMENT AVEC sims 4 original . Et que pour choisir les couleurs de vos meuble vous devez les selectionné dans le catalogue l'editeur de changement de couleurs ne fonctionne pas sur les meubles crée, Donc je le redit penssez bien a selectionner dans le catalogue pour changer la couleur de l'objet......