To download click on the image of the set or the object chooses. Good game!

Nenima teen bedroom. click image to download

Nenima teen room. Colors, soft, or, supported.
for this new teen room. 12 new objects
Happy simming.


Evassen teen bedroom click image to download

Evassen teen bedroom
11 new items all compatible with dogs and cats EP.
a modern space, comfortable, with soft colors, for your teenager.
Happy simming!


Miss celina teen bedroom click image to download

Miss celina teen bedroom sims 4.
A bedroom, which I had created for sims 3.
Here is the version, Sims 4.
Princess chic style.
Golden, silver, light silver, or black.
Color, pale blue; Pale pink, purple, or night blue.
For a semi-baroque, contemporary style.
Happy simming!


Emi vanity corner teen bedroom click image to download

Emi vanity corner. teen bedroom.
colors. White pink, pink beige. White blue. Beige blue.
bed. cushions. seat. Vanity table and mirror. Paintings for the wall. Sticker. 
Deco various make up. Dresser with integrated deco. Wool rug.
An ideal atmosphere for your teenage child.
Happy simming!


Dream boudoir bedroom click image to download

To continue, with the collection, dream boudoir.
Here is the bedroom.
Still, in a very girly, chic style. With bed, bed cover, cushions for bed, dresser, cover 2, lace. Mirror, for the floor. Mirror, for the wall.
Crystal chandelier.
A soft, romantic, resolutely feminine corner.
Happy Simming! Teen bedroom area.


New Dream boudoir click image to download

Here is dream boudoir. Sims 4.
A soft corner for your teen.
In 4 soft shades. Table vanity mirror. Lamps of vanity. Deco clutter for table vanity. Stool. Chair. Decorative frame. House, deco, for the wall. Perfume deco.
A real sweet corner, that will make your child feel good.
Happy simming!
Area. Bedroom, teenager.


New Girly Corner Bedroom 2 click image to download

Here Girly corner, bedroom 2. Sims 4.
Still, in a girly style for this room, very soft.
cushions. Bed. bed table deco curtains for bed Curtains for windows. deco cushions to the floor. Dresser. Carpet.
The set is created in 4 shades.
Everything needed to create your, girly room.
Happy simming!


New Rosita, child's bedroom. Click image to download

Pour ce weekend voici une fois de plus de la douceur.
Avec la chambre Rosita. Lit. Miroir tete de lit. Dresser. Table basse. Table de lit. Sofa.
Déco de plafond. Peintures. Tapis. Et tous le nécessaire , pour crée, votre ambiance , douce et réconfortante, pour votre petit sims.
J'ai utilisé mon set en jeu sims 4. Derniere mise à jour.
Happy simming!


NEW SURUBIAN TEEN bedroom click image to download

Let's go back to the softness with the ado SURUBIAN room
14 new objects for this set modern and soft at the same time. Modern furniture design and textures,
but also sweet with some elementsdecoratifs.
1 bed double built-in bedside tables. Pillows for the bed. Office. 2 develop office pouf. paintings, lamps, rugs and.
various objects decos.
smooth modern for your sims.
Good game!


New room ado Stoni click image to download

Here for Sims teenager, a new modern room. I wanted to give a modern style, but I wanted to keep the adolescent style.
in this set. 1 bed. 1 wide wardrobe. deco to have 1echelle against the dressing room. 1 office.1 office metal Chair. Pot and pencils for the office.
1 puff rond.1 the light lit.1 light for train to dispose as shown in the image. Ditto for the light of bed.
1 bag of schoolboy decorative. 1 metal with 2 friends photo frame. Cushions for the lit.1 framework London black and white. 1 set multi frame flowers of the same collection.
1 block shelf to the wall to dispose of all small objects or candles as I do on certain screens.
different walls and floor, because I needed these colors for my set.
I test my set in the game sims 4 updates last update.
Don't hesitate not to leave your comments and messages.
And good game at all!

Modern friend teen bedroom click image to download

Modern friend chambre ado un coin modern .
desing objects , bed, and more
happy simming